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There is an inverse relation between omega-3 fatty acids and ALS

There is an inverse relation between omega-3 fatty acids and ALSALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) is a potentially life-threatening disease that affects the spinal cord and the motor nerves of the brain. The disease is incurable but according to an American study that is published in Neurology, it progresses at a slower rate in patients with a higher intake of omega-3 fatty acids from different dietary sources.

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Overview of vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids


Overview of vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids

Vitamins, minerals, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, and Q10 are nutrients that we need in certain quantities in order to support vital body functions.
Nutritional supplements containing vitamins and minerals must be labeled in accordance with the reference values.

This overview serves as general information about the different vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids and how they work.

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the Vitamin and Mineral Guide

Can you absorb the vitamins, minerals, and Q10 you take

- or are you wasting money on the wrong supplements?

Can you absorb the vitamins, minerals, and Q10 you takeIt is only natural to expect a nutritional supplement to be absorbed and deliver an effect. However, for this to happen, you must look for products with documentation. Countless multivitamin products and supplements with Q10, selenium, chromium, magnesium, and iron have very poor quality and are not properly absorbed. Our ageing process alone impairs the uptake of vitamins and minerals, and the same is the case if we lack essential fats, have too high calcium levels, or use antacids and other types of medicine – so this also needs to be taken into account.

Chromium supplements for patients with type 2 diabetes

- and pre-diabetes and overweight caused by unstable blood sugar

Chromium supplements for patients with type 2 diabetesType 2 diabetes is a global health problem, which is associated with cardiovascular disease, eye disorders, kidney disease, and amputations. Many people unwittingly have an early stage of diabetes called metabolic syndrome. This condition is characterized by insulin resistance, where the cellular uptake of glucose is impaired. This causes insatiety, and you risk eating too many sweets and other quick carbohydrates, which the body is unable to burn and therefore stores ad fat, instead. Many people who struggle with their weight also have insulin resistance and unstable blood sugar that affect their strength of will in terms of food choices and increase their risk of type 2 diabetes. A new meta-analysis has shown that chromium supplements may be useful as add-on therapy for type 2 diabetics. Chromium yeast has the best bioavailability, and specific dietary changes can positively influence your blood sugar levels, waist circumference, and weight.

Chromium yeast could help ease your diabetes symptoms

If you are type-2 diabetic, you may find that taking a daily supplement of organic chromium yeast can help you cope with your condition.

Chromium yeast could help ease your diabetes symptomsDo you have type-2 diabetes? Then you probably know all about the problems that follow in the wake of this condition – the increased risk of cardiovascular disease, hypertension, elevated cholesterol levels and all that. What you may not know, however, is that you can cope with your condition a lot easier by taking daily supplements of organic chromium yeast.

Stable blood sugarThe reason why chromium is so important when you have diabetes is that this particular nutrient works in close collaboration with insulin by accentuating the effect of this vital hormone. Chromium literally “unlocks” cells from the inside and helps insulin push more sugar (glucose) from the bloodstream into the cells where the sugar is converted into energy. By ensuring that the sugar reaches the cells instead of piling up in the blood, it becomes easier to avoid maintain relatively stable blood sugar levels in the body.

New Danish study: Dietary guidelines for diabetics have been misleading for decades

New Danish study: Dietary guidelines for diabetics have been misleading for decadesDiabetes is spreading with epidemic proportions, and an alarmingly high number of people are affected by metabolic syndrome, an early stage of diabetes that causes insulin resistance, elevated cholesterol, hypertension, and enlarged waist circumference. Ever since the 1970s, diabetics have been advised to stick with a low-fat diet consisting of bread, potatoes, and other carbohydrate sources. However, a new Danish study reveals that it is best to cut back on your carbohydrate intake. The new message to diabetics supports research from other parts of the world. Diabetics and people with sensitive blood sugar should focus on eating a diet with fewer carbohydrates, more protein, and more healthy fats. They should also make sure to get enough chromium, vitamin D, and magnesium, all of which are nutrients that support the body’s blood sugar levels. Furthermore, vitamin B12 and Q10 are important for those, who take diabetes medication and cholesterol-lowering drugs (statins).

Now I can control my sugar craving

"I no longer have the urge to eat sweets and to snack in between meals," says Ana Ferreira, who has been helped tremendously by her daily chromium supplement that was recommended by her friend, who is a doctor.

Now I can control my sugar cravingIt feels kind of as if someone has pressed a button that has turned off Ana Ferreira's desire for sweets. She just doesn't have the urge to eat sugary foods any more.
"Before, I would eat a lot of cake and candy but now I only eat dark chocolate and I am down to one cup of coffee a day, which is nothing compared with earlier," Ana tells.

Organic or inorganic chromium

Organic or inorganic chromiumChromium is an element and a metal. To humans, it is also an essential micronutrient in the form of so-called trivalent chromium. Chromium also exists as divalent and hexavalent chromium but these forms are toxic. All approved chromium supplements contain trivalent chromium. The various chromium forms can bind with a variety of chemical compounds to form other substances.

Chromium contributes to the body's metabolism of macronutrients (carbohydrate, protein, and lipids). However, chromium is better known for its role in regulating blood sugar levels. Without chromium, insulin is ineffective. Chromium's influence on macronutrient metabolism and blood sugar levels are approved by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

The ability to absorb and utilize elements is not very good in humans. The elements in our diet are embedded in food molecules. In food supplements, however, it is common practice to bind elements to various organic or inorganic compounds for increased absorption. Chromium is one of the nutrients which is most difficult for the body to absorb, even in situations where a person is chromium deficient. Chromium has poor bio-availability.

Chronic fatigue tied Alan to his bed but Q10 capsules saved him:

Chronic fatigue tied Alan to his bed but Q10 capsules saved him 
"After about one week of taking the Q10 supplement I could feel a huge difference," says 23-year old Alan Piccini, who has been suffering from extreme fatigue and muscle aches ever since he was a child.

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Cholesterol-lowering without side effects:

Cholesterol-lowering without side effects:“Taking capsules with co-enzyme Q10 has freed me of the severe side effects of my cholesterol lowering medicine,” Mrs Franken explains.

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