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Chronic pain, vitamin D, and magnesium

Chronic pain, vitamin D, and magnesiumHeadache, aching joints, and other types of chronic pain are typically caused by myofascial pain syndrome, which is characterized by localized pain. There can be many underlying causes of this condition, but according to a Thai study published in BMC Nutrition, lack of sunshine and too little vitamin D are quite common among patients. Magnesium therapy may also have an effect, according to a study published in BMC Oral Health.

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Kidney stones can be related to lack of selenium

Kidney stones can be related to lack of seleniumKidney stones is a painful and quite common problem. The diet plays a major role and according to a large American population study published in Nutrients, selenium may help prevent the condition. The authors mention that selenium-containing proteins and antioxidants have preventative mechanisms and due to the widespread problems with selenium-depleted farmland, they say that selenium supplementation may be a good way to prevent and manage kidney stones and other pathological changes.

Kidney stones may be caused by lack of magnesium and too much dietary oxalate

Kidney stones may be caused by lack of magnesium and too much dietary oxalateKidney stones can be extremely painful, and there is a rather large risk that they reoccur at a later time. What you eat means a lot and your diet is therefore an important key to prevention. It is important to get plenty of magnesium and vitamin B6, whereas you should try to avoid oxalate-rich food sources like spinach, nuts, root vegetables, food with high soy content, rhubarb, berries, and dark chocolate. All of these items contain a lot of oxalate that may contribute to the formation of kidney stones. If you take magnesium in supplement form, make sure to choose a source that the body can absorb properly. Also, drink plenty of water, according to an article in the Norwegian health magazine Vitenskap og Fornuft.

Chronic fatigue tied Alan to his bed but Q10 capsules saved him:

Chronic fatigue tied Alan to his bed but Q10 capsules saved him "After about one week of taking the Q10 supplement I could feel a huge difference," says 23-year old Alan Piccini, who has been suffering from extreme fatigue and muscle aches ever since he was a child.

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Cholesterol-lowering without side effects:

Cholesterol-lowering without side effects:“Taking capsules with co-enzyme Q10 has freed me of the severe side effects of my cholesterol lowering medicine,” Mrs Franken explains.
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