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Selenium supplements protect against colon cancer
Low selenium in children’s fingernails may be related to overweight
Many over50s lack vitamin B12 and folic acid
Lack of zinc harms your fertility
Vitamin D is important for healthy sleep in both children and adults
Folic acid supplements lower your risk of stroke caused by elevated blood pressure
Antioxidant supplements may reduce respiratory diseases in patients with cystic fibrosis
Lack of sunshine and vitamin D increases your risk of overweight, metabolic syndrome, and type 2 diabetes
A daily egg lowers your risk of cardiovascular disease
Alcohol depletes your stores of vitamins and minerals
Lack of vitamin D increases your risk of breast cancer
Birth control pills deplete your vitamin and mineral stores and may cause side effects
Patients with depression and anxiety lack omega-3
New research: Certain plant can absorb Vitamin B12
Heavy metals disrupt the body’s mineral balance
Thyroid disease requires the right balance between iodine and selenium
Pregnant smokers can reduce the damage to baby’s lungs by supplementing with vitamin C
Vitamin B3 may help Alzheimer’s patients
Vitamin B12 supplements delay the onset of Parkinson’s disease
Vitamin B2 helps against migraines, tiredness, anemia, dry lips
Respect your fluid and mineral balance during sport
Are you stressed?
Vitamin A in animal feed could potentially protect against milk allergy
Doubling of ADHD and other psychiatric child diagnoses
Can you absorb the vitamins, minerals, and Q10 you take
Vitamin D and calcium reduce your risk of early menopause
Antioxidant therapy may help women suffering from type 1 diabetes
Omega-3 fatty acids counteract inflammation by means of cannabinoids that are also found in cannabis oil
Children and youngsters living in sunny climates are less likely to develop sclerosis later in life
If you have dry eyes – make sure to get lots of healthy fats
Omega-3 levels in the blood say more than cholesterol about the risk of premature death
Vitamin D in large doses lowers your cancer risk
Vitamin D, sunlight and sun protection
Lack of magnesium makes vitamin D ineffective
Vitamin D may relieve irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
Fluoride compounds increase the need for iodine
Baby blues and postpartum depression may be a result of nutrient deficiencies and slow metabolism
Skincare and a beautiful complexion require strong antioxidants and essential fatty acids
Large doses of vitamin D swiftly reduce arterial stiffness, a sign of atherosclerosis
Selenium protects neurons in your brain
Many antioxidants lower your risk of diabetes here are some delicious sources
Our diets and the sun play a major role in the development and treatment of schizophrenia
High-dosed supplementation for the eye disease, AMD
Free radicals support both essential and lethal processes
Lack of sunlight may increase your weight during the winter period for different reasons
Birth defects can be avoided with folic acid supplements or enriched flour
Magnesium supplements can relieve anxiety, stress, and depression
Many old people lack vitamins and minerals
Dietary potassium protects against atherosclerosis
Fish oil from oily fish or supplements protects children against asthma
Zinc prevents tumor growth and many people lack the nutrient
To lose weight – make sure to focus on your diet’s energy distribution, Q10, and three minerals
Many antioxidants lower your risk of diabetes
Lack of vitamin D increases rheumatic pain
Lack of B vitamins causes a myriad of symptoms
The brain needs vitamin C for our cognitive functions
Do we need more iodine to prevent fatigue, overweight, breast cancer and other diseases?
Vitamin D protects against severe asthma attacks
Your food may lack as much as 40% of its essential nutrients
Omega-3 fatty acids improve your cerebral blood flow
Omega-3 fatty acids help relieve rheumatic pain but only if you get enough
Vitamin C prevents cancer by regulating stem cell functions
The Nobel Prize and help for insomnia
It is inflammation and not cholesterol that causes cardiovascular disease
Low intake of vitamin K is linked to unhealthy heart enlargement – even in young people
Omega-3 fatty acids benefit the gut flora
Zinc deficiency influences your risk of diabetes
Groundbreaking study: Omega-3 fatty acids inhibits cancer tumors
Folic acid lowers the risk of children developing autism caused by pesticide exposure
Q10 and selenium increase IGF-1 in the elderly thereby contributing to far fewer cases of cardiac death
Zinc counteracts infections, eczema, and herpes and deficiencies are common
Selenium can prevent infections and cancer
Vitamin D prevents influenza and respiratory infections
Strengthen your immune system with vitamin C
Too much calcium prevents the body from fighting a dangerous hospital infection
Can a vitamin A deficiency contribute to diabetes?
Climate changes cause selenium deficiencies
Many small children lack vitamin D because their parents are forgetful
Omega-3 fatty acids protect the brain by keeping the blood-brain barrier closed
A vitamin D deficiency during pregnancy may harm the fetus
Magnesium can ease symptoms of depression
Slow metabolism may be a result of not getting enough vitamin D and selenium
Vitamin B3 helps prevent miscarriages and congenital defects
Selenium deficiency and preterm birth
Can vitamin B3 help prevent melanoma and regular skin cancer?
Omega-3 supplements are effective for dry eyes
Vitamin D deficiency of the brain increases your risk of obesity
Cognitive impairment and dementia may be caused by insulin resistance
Poor sperm quality is a frequent cause of infertility
Older hypertensive people may benefit from melatonin
Vitamin K2’s importance for bone health underlined by new study
Sugar weakens your bones and increases the risk of fractures in the young and elderly
Folic acid supplementation through the entire pregnancy may help improve the child’s intelligence
Vitamin D supplements may improve fertility in men and women
Fish oil does not increase the risk of bleeding
Vitamin D deficiency and overweight increase the risk of sclerosis – especially in children
How is vitamin B3 deficiency linked to aggression, cannibalism, pellagra, and schizophrenia?
Children with a vitamin B12 deficiency have difficulty with problem solving and social behavior
Psoriasis can be treated by avoiding alcohol – and taking supplements of fish oil and vitamin D
Omega-3 fatty acids reduce the psychoses of schizophrenic people
A liver hormone controls your need for sweets and a mineral helps control your blood sugar
Vitamin E and omega-3 protect your cardiovascular system against damage caused by air pollution
Magnesium supplements counteract inflammation
Ginkgo biloba helps against poor circulation
Zinc is effective against hepatitis C, influenza, colds and other virus infections
PCOS and infertility can be helped with dietary changes and a single nutritional supplement
Magnesium helps prevent bone fractures provided you get enough
Vitamin D and omega-3 improve mental health by regulating the synthesis of serotonin
Get over your cold faster with a zinc supplement
Headaches may be caused by too little vitamin D
Zinc supplements may boost heart health
Steer clear of migraine triggers seek natural solutions
Omega-3 supplements reduce chemotherapy side effects
Vitamin K2 counteracts atherosclerosis and benefits the heart
Vitamin B3 prevents glaucoma in mice and possibly even in humans
Probiotic bacteria may help alleviate allergy symptoms
Coenzyme Q10 as a determining factor of muscle strength and ageing processes
Alzheimer’s disease is linked to deficiencies of polyunsaturated fatty acids – especially omega-3
Excessive use of suncream may cause vitamin D deficiency
Alzheimer’s disease may be linked to a marginal vitamin A deficiency
The health benefits of fish oil
Alzheimer’s disease is now called type 3 diabetes
Women with weak leg muscles are more likely to develop knee osteoarthritis
Schizophrenia symptoms can be reduced with large doses of B vitamins
How does daylight saving affect our health
Is cholesterol dangerous or is it a myth?
Selenium is essential but we don’t get enough from fish and shellfish
Q10 may help people with Parkinson’s disease
Vitamin B3 has a positive effect on Parkinson’s disease
Night owls have increased risk of depression
Fish oil supplementation during pregnancy prevents childhood asthma
Prevent fragile bones early in life
Your brain and mood need vitamin C but are you getting enough?
Selenium’s and iron’s different roles in cancer prevention
Lack of vitamin B12 triggers fatigue during daytime and sleeping problems at night
Zinc offers protection against disease and even protects cellular DNA
Lack of vitamin E is widespread and it increases the risk of fetal damage and miscarriage
Vegetarians, vegans, and sclerosis sufferers need more vitamin B12
Mega-doses of vitamin C can kill cancer cells
Certain vitamins are crucial for the intestinal immune system
Lack of vitamin E is widespread
Beauty care and anti-ageing secrets that pay off in the long run
Increased potassium intake counteracts hypertension and diabetes
Supplements of calcium and vitamin D improve women’s cholesterol balance
Vitamin D supplements prevent acute respiratory infections
Make sure to get enough vitamin C to prevent and fight infections
Pregnant women should take vitamin D supplements
Chemicals lower levels of vitamin D in the body
Vitamin D supplements help children with autism
Nine anti-ageing tips for 2017
Denmark sets the cancer record again
How does Q10 affect athletic performance?
Essential nutrients may prevent impaired hearing and improve certain hearing problems
Levels of B vitamins in pregnant women affect their children’s risk of eczema
Shift work disrupts the body’s sleep-wake cycle and increases your risk of overweight and stroke
Vitamin D reduces virus and airway infections
Vitamin E deficiency is common - and supplements differ in quality
Vitamin D inhibits inflammation
Lack of vitamin K increases your risk of cardiovascular disease, fragile bones, and other health problems
Q10 and cholesterol make an essential team
Lack of vitamin B12 during pregnancy increases the risk of type-2 diabetes in the child
Eggs in the salad increase the uptake of vitamin E which is important for the cardiovascular system
Is your multivitamin of good quality or are you just wasting money?
Melatonin counteracts breast cancer by limiting a gene in breast cancer cells
Fish oil supplements may prevent premature birth
Calcium supplements may cause atherosclerosis and heart trouble
Vitamin D lowers estrogen levels and your risk of breast cancer
Vitamin D supplements may reduce severe asthma attacks
Melatonin helps cancer patients sleep better
B vitamins strengthen your mental health - throughout life
Iodine protects against breast cancer
Copper is a key ingredient in fat metabolism
Your muscle mass needs protein
Dietary supplements may counteract aggression in children
Sleep hormone increases the effect of medication against breast cancer
Q10 makes your skin smooth and prevents wrinkles
Q10 saves heart failure patients' lives and improve quality of life
Magnesium deficiencies increase your risk of cardiovascular disease and intake levels have dropped drastically
How to prevent the virus infections of winter time
Folic acid during pregnancy lowers the risk of having overweight babies
Alcohol abuse impairs the uptake and utilization of vitamins
Can vitamin B3 help us stay more youthful?
Q10 and tea tree oil are effective against periodontal disease
Even minor zinc deficiencies may harm your digestion and health
High levels of vitamin D can lower the risk of cancer by up to 67%
Healthy diets and supplements counteract physical deterioration of women
Magnesium deficiencies contribute to insulin resistance and diabetes
Lack of vitamin D during pregnancy may increase the child's risk of sclerosis
A comparison of EPA and DHA and their ability to fight inflammation
Eating salmon during pregnancy may help prevent asthma
Vitamin D and its importance for the prevention of breast cancer - and after the diagnosis
Vitamin C may prevent cataracts
Omega-3 lowers your risk of heart disease and cardiac death
Selenium deficiency, gluten intolerance, and metabolic disorders
How to avoid PMS and menstrual pain
Overweight in pregnancy and lack of vitamin D affect the health of the child
Vitamin D has a positive influence on sports performance and the heart
Zinc fireworks reveal the quality of the egg and offer new hope for infertile couples
Elevated blood sugar levels strain your heart and cardiovascular system
Folic acid reduces the risk of stroke
Sun lovers live longer and lack of sunshine is as dangerous as smoking!
The hormone balance requires essential nutrients but are you getting enough?
Many migraine sufferers lack Q10 and vitamins
Melatonin's four cancer-inhibiting mechanisms
Undernourishment is widespread and has serious consequences
Optimize cellular energy metabolism and muscle-building with Q10 and magnesium
Vegetarians and vegans must focus on several essential nutrients
Elite sport and hard training require extra vitamins and minerals
Sated and slim with melatonin
Medical drug against type 2 diabetes is a frequent cause of vitamin B12 deficiency
Remember to get enough selenium for your immune defense - throughout life
Vitamin D and eggs offer new hope for diabetics
Osteoarthritis causes many symptoms and glucosamine helps if you choose the right quality
Supplementation with Q10 and selenium halves your cardiovascular risk for numerous years
Fibromyalgia pain may be helped with Q10 but also by treating underlying causes
Healthy fertility and pregnancy require sufficient selenium
The sun and vitamin D are invigorating but overlooked by science
Selenium status and prostate cancer risk
Selenium protects against mercury – provided you get enough
Make sure to get enough vitamin D for your bones - throughout life
Sleep disorders and menopause
B vitamins slows cerebral atrophy and prevent dementia especially when combined with fish oil
Is there a link between vitamin D deficiency and autism?
Vitamin D prevents cancer on several accounts
Does vitamin C benefit cardiovascular health as effectively as exercise in overweight people?
Natural "sleep hormone" makes you wake up feeling rested
Depression and natural ways to prevent and treat
Antioxidants inhibit our age-related immune system impairment
Periodontitis increases the risk of myocardial infarction
Glucosamine sulfate is effective for osteoarthritis
Selenium counteracts cancer - and is likely to break the curve
Avoid migraines with three natural solutions
Menopause, hot flushes, and natural solutions
Magnesium helps against constipation and irritable bowel syndrome
Slim with protein and Q10
Remember vitamin D to prevent infections
"Energy vitamin" may combat fatigue in multiple sclerosis
Statin user?
Make sure to get a good night’s sleep
Supplements of Q10 may help people with liver disease
Laptops and mobile phones in bed disturb your sleep
Can Q10 supplements prevent migraines?
Vitamin D toxicity is not a problem
Vitamin D and multiple sclerosis is there a connection?
Low vitamin D levels may be a marker for sclerosis
Unsubstantiated rumor causes confusion about acknowledged nutrient: There is only one kind of Q10 with a documented effect
Norway takes up the fight against dubious nutritional supplements
Popular pain relief: Magnesium gains momentum as effective headache treatment
Warning to all women: Take care of your cardiovascular health and avoid premature death
Selenium and iodine make a strong team but are you getting enough?
Why does overweight lead to diabetes?
HPV vaccines, the immune system, and an informed choice
Selenium and Q10 helps heart failure patients
Supplements of vitamin D may help Crohn's patients
Q10 is good for your heart
Selenium lowers the risk of prostate cancer
Swedish scientists behind amazing discovery:
Do you have pain and rheumatism in your joints?
Researchers reveal concerning calculation error:
Still good reasons to take vitamin D
Magnesium, an ignored mineral for healthy bones
WHO warning: We need to cut back on our sugar consumption
Sales arguments or documentation?
Q10 lowers risk of dementia
Glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate combo may aid in osteoarthritis
CLA helps persons with overweight
Fewer complications and improved survival with high vitamin D
Vitamin D decreases the risk of fibroids
Has science found the perfect Heart Drug?
Selenium Compounds fights cancer
Could scarce nutrient help infertile couples?
Persons treated with statins benefit from Q10
Vitamin E benefit Alzheimer's patients
Magnesium protect against fractures
More Vitamin C increases breast cancer patient survival
Fish oil lowers inflammation and anxiety
Fish oil for depression: It's EPA that works
Slow the Aging Process With Fish Oil
Fish and fish oil reduces the risk of blood clots
Vitamin D supplementation may protect the elderly against heart failure
Vitamin D improves cancer survival
Expert task force recommend glucosamine and chondroitin
Low vitamin D is a killer
New life-saving heart treatment
Pregnant with plenty of vitamin D have strong children
Selenium reduces the risk of colorectal cancer
Chromium yeast could help ease your diabetes symptoms
Chromium yeast can cure your sweet tooth
Folic acid supplements reduce the risk of glaucoma
Cholesterol lowering medicine may damage your muscle tissue
Power up your heart with this new discovery
Nutrients can improve your skin, hair, and nails
Common diseases could be result of vitamin D deficiency
Q10 protects your muscles
Stronger heart - longer life?

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