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Stronger heart - longer life?

Stronger heart - longer life?
Could the use of two nutritional supplements help you achieve this? According to Scandinavian research the answer could be yes. Most of us have a desire to live as long as possible but the truth is that, as we grow older, our risk of falling victim to cardiovascular disease increases. The good news is that two new Scandinavian studies have come up with some really exciting results showing that it is possible to live longer and make the heart stronger without medicine or surgery.

50% fewer deaths

With help from two nutritional supplements, the researchers have managed to reduce cardiovascular deaths by over 50% at the same time as boosting heart health. With this research, modern cardiology has taken a large step forward towards betterprevention of heart ailments.

More energy, less disease

The supplements that were used were manufactured by a Danish company that has specialized in high-quality nutritional preparations aimed at improving quality of life. One is a vitamin-like compound called coenzyme Q10, which is essential for cellular energy metabolism. The other is a trace element called selenium, which has a well-known protective effect on the heart muscle.

Massive drop in mortality

In the study that was conducted by Swedish cardiologists, supplements of coenzyme Q10 and selenium, or identical "dummy" pills (placebo) were given to elderly, healthy men and women. There were 54% fewer cardiovascular deaths among those who got the active treatment, and their heart muscle function was improved substantially.

Help for chronic heart failure

In the Danish study, which was carried out on patients with chronic heart failure, those who got supplements of Q10 (selenium was not included in this study) had about 50% fewer heart-related deaths compared with those on placebo, and their heart muscles function was also improved significantly.

Tailored for research

The Danish coenzyme Q10 preparation used in these two trials has been selected as the official science reference (gold standard) of the International Coenzyme Q10 Association (ICQA) because of its documented quality. Studies show that the special formula used to make this product ensures maximal bio-availability and safety. Also, the selenium supplement which is a pharmaceutical-grade selenium yeast with superior absorption, is a preferred choice for scientific research worldwide, as it can document exceptionally good quality.

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