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Common diseases could be result of vitamin D deficiency

A variety of common health problems are linked to low levels of the “sunshine vitamin”. Are you getting enough of this vital nutrient?

Researchers have found that the majority of normal, healthy individuals of all ages are lacking vitamin D, and that may account for a number of common diseases that are a result of getting too little of the “sunshine vitamin”. Conditions such as influenza, brittle bones (osteoporosis), and even type-2 diabetes are believed to be associated with getting too little vitamin D. According to published studies, as much as two thirds of Europeans have insufficient vitamin D levels.

Important for bone health

This is certainly worrying in terms of bone health, as one of vitamin D’s roles is to promote healthy mineralization, growth, and remodelling of bone tissue. With too little vitamin D in your bloodstream, you are at increased risk of thin, brittle, or misshaped bones.

Supports the entire body

There are lots of other functions that depend on the presence of vitamin D. This is the case with our immune system, our muscle function, and several other important body functions that need a certain amount of vitamin D in order to work properly.



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