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Chart for revealing pitfalls and good advice on beverages

Chart for revealing pitfalls and good advice on beveragesYou drink milk or juice with your meal

  • You are getting unnecessary calories without fiber.

Advice  Drink water (you can add a little lemon). It is good for your digestion and reduces your food uptake.

You drink tea/coffee with milk, cafe latte, cocoa milk or ice tea

  • Milk contains excess calories, and there are particularly many in cafe latte. Both cocoa milk and ice tea contain a lot of sugar.

Advice  Try drinking black coffee/green tea, possibly with a bit of cinnamon that has a good effect on your metabolism.

You like wine/beer with your food

Alcohol makes you feel good
It is difficult for you to say no
You don’t think about how much alcohol you consume during the course of the week

  • You are getting excess calories.
  • Alcohol is also habit-forming and may have a negative effect on your blood sugar, mood, metabolism, and other functions – even if you only drink the recommended number (or fewer) of weekly units

Advice  Try counting how many units you consume per week to keep better track.
Limit your intake
Avoid drinking alcohol during the week or take a break from alcohol, once you have obtained your desired weight
Seek professional help if you are unable to control your intake.

You drink light products to lose weight

  • Studies show that many people actually gain weight when they consume light products. A possible explanation is that artificial sweeteners affect the gut flora, which has a regulatory effect on metabolism and weight control.

Advice  Drink water on a daily basis
You can also make your own lemonade with half a squeezed lemon and a few drops of sweet stevia in a glass of water.

You find that water tastes bland

  • The alternatives to water often contain excess calories and/or stimulants. Low fluid intake may give you a headache, constipation, and a number of other complaints.

Advice  Make it a habit to drink at least 3-4 glasses of water every day. Add a little lemon or ginger to spice up the flavor. It is a good idea to drink green tea with your meals.