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Q10 – for better health and a long life

Q10 – for better health and a long life


BY Pernille Lund

ISBN 87 7776 111 1
År 2014
Page 72

Price: € 5.99


Pernille Lund is a science journalist and has written several books about health and nutrition. Since 1987, she has worked as a nutritionist. Scientific studies as well as practical experience clearly show how much we humans are able to do in terms of prevention and treatment. Many common complaints and ailments can effectively be helped with simple dietary adjustments and relevant nutritional supplements.

Has science found a way to reverse heart failure?

Is male infertility a thing of the past?

Can people with Parkinson’s disease, fibromyalgia, and migraine headaches finally see light at the end the tunnel?

And can we control cancer?

In her book “Q10 – for better health and a long life”, Pernille Lund sheds light on one of the most amazing discoveries in medical history – a vitamin-like substance called Q10, which all our cells need to produce the energy stay healthy and alive. Science has discovered how supplements of this substance can make us healthier, strengthen our heart, improve physical performance, and perhaps extend our lives.



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