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Enough energy for my family

Enough energy for my family‘As a mother of five children, you can really do with some extra energy,’ Thea Sanger laughs. That was the reason why she started using capsules with co-enzyme Q10. ‘I just wanted to try it and I found that it really helps.’

Thea didn’t have a specific reason to start with the food supplement, but in retrospect she’s very pleased with the extra energy. ‘Before, I got tired much fasterand I didn’t have much energy left to do other things besides the household chores. That’s much better now. And another great change is that my gums don’t bleed anymore!’

Saw an advertisement

Last summer, Thea read an advertisement in a magazine, stating the huge effect capsules with co-enzyme Q10 would have on the body’s general energy production. ‘It was a time when I felt a bit tired and thought that some extra energy would do no harm. That’s why I bought a box of capsules,” she recalls.

Noticed the impact quickly

It didn’t take long for Thea to notice the effect of the supplement. ‘Within a few days, my energy levels soared and I felt much better during the day. Like many other people, I used to feel tired in the afternoon, but that’s completely gone. It’s marvelous to be able to do all the work and still have enough energy left over to enjoy your children.’

Gums improved

But that wasn’t the only effect Thea experienced. ‘To my surprise, I found that my gums also improved considerably. My gums used to be inflamed and bleed all the time, but after I had used Q10 for some time, I suddenly realized that these problems had simply vanished,’ she tells.

Quality matters

Of course, Thea was thrilled to have more energy and to have been ridded of her gum problems. ‘However, I should add something,’ she continues. ‘After some time, I did try another Q10-preparation because it seemed much cheaper. I deliberately say “seemed”, because after a week, I noticed that it was far less effective. My gums started bleeding again. So, you actually end up losing money by buying a cheap product. It really convinced me of the fact that there are quality differences between supplements. From now on, I’ll stick to my familiar capsules that have proven to be effective.’