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I run as fast as the younger guys now

I run as fast as the younger guys now“One of the things I have noticed is that I have much more energy. I run as fast as guys who are 30 years younger than I am,” says 62-year old Lucza Lajos. A friend advised him to try a combination of selenium and Q10 and the product worked wonders for the retired engineer and mechanic.

“Because I am en engineer, I believe in facts. It is difficult to measure exactly what has happened in my body after I started taking the combination of selenium and Q10 but one thing I have noticed is that am able to run as fast on the football field as guys who are 30 years younger than I am,” says 62-year old Lucza Lajos. “Also, I do not feel tired like I used to. I can really feel how my energy levels have increased,” he tells.

Recommended by friend

In the last few years when Lucza Lajos arrived home from work, he felt more tired than normally. “I did not have any health problems as such but I needed something to get me in better shape. A friend of mine told me about Q10 and selenium and I decided to try the product,” he explains.
Although Lucza Lajos is quite fit and looks youthful, he felt substantially better after taking the supplement. His energy levels went up and he did not feel as tired as earlier.

Healthy heart

In terms of heart health, Lucza Lajos is doing very well. His blood pressure is fine and his cholesterol levels are also in the normal range. “But I have noticed that Q10 has restored my energy to the level where it used to be and I really feel much younger now,” he tells.
Lucza Lajos also believes the selenium has made a difference. “I already knew about this nutrient and its role in the immune system and I can say that during the time where I have taken the supplement I have not had any virus infections, no colds, no flu or anything like that.”

Stronger hearts

Combining selenium and coenzyme Q10 turned out to be highly useful in a Swedish study which cardiologists conducted on 443 men and women in the age group 70-88 years. Half were given selenium and Q10, while the other half got identical “dummy” pills. The scientists found that those who got the active treatment had a 54% lower rate of cardiovascular deaths. At the same time, their heart muscle function improved significantly, the researchers found.

Active and happy

In the case of Lucza Lajos, taking selenium and Q10 has helped him stay active the way he has always been. “I have always done all kinds of sports, and for 30 years I have played football every week. I even bicycle and go running, as well,” he says. Of course, this is possible for a healthy 62-year old like Lucza Lajos but it is a fact that energy levels go down as we grow older. With the supplement his friend advised him to try, it seems that he can keep up the pace much more easily and that certainly contributes to your quality of life.