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Chromium yeast can cure your sweet tooth

Chromium yeast can cure your sweet toothDo you feel an insatiable desire for sweets all the time? Do you find yourself snacking in between meals? A simple think like a daily chromium supplement may resolve your problem and even help you lose weight.

Stop blaming yourself for having a weak character. Put an end to all the self-hatred. That overpowering desire for sweets and sugary foods could very well be a sign that you are not getting enough chromium, and if that is the case you can easily correct the problem by taking chromium yeast in supplement form. We’ll get back to that later. People with a chromium deficiency are known to develop cravings so don’t be too hard on yourself.

Why the constant cravings?

You are probably wondering why you always feel that urge to eat sweets or to snack in between meals. At the same time, you have yourself for doing it because it is obviously the reason why you cannot get rid of those pounds that make your clothes look all wrong on you. But stop blaming yourself because it may be a simple matter of what is described best as a biochemical imbalance – one that is easy to deal with in this case.

Your body lacks energy

Every meal contains a certain amount of sugar, and that sugar is an important source of energy to your cells. In order to aid the break-down of sugar in your cells your body produces insulin which, under normal circumstances, helps metabolize sugar inside your cells. Now, in order for that to happen, chromium is required, as chromium and insulin go hand in hand and work as a team. Chromium virtually “unlocks” cells from the inside, thereby helping insulin transport sugar into the cells at greater speed. If you lack chromium that mechanism fails to work properly, and your cells will not get the energy they need to function normally.

The easiest test in the world

So here is the deal. If you have problems with your weight and you have a strong craving for sweets at the same time, you may just be lacking chromium. If those cravings typically haunt you in the afternoon and make you feel really tired, even after eating a meal, it is probably because sugar piles up in your blood instead of reaching your cells where it is needed. You can easily test it by taking a chromium supplement for a few weeks and watch what happens.

Feeling better, looking better

If you are chromium deficient, the supplement will have an effect on your appetite. You will not feel as inclined to eat sweets because the increased chromium intake makes you respond better to the insulin you produce, and once you can stay off the sweets you are likely to lose weight. Better yet, having the right blood sugar balance (i.e. being able to clear sugar from your bloodstream and make it enter your cells) can reduce your risk of developing type-2 diabetes, which is normally seen in people with too much abdominal fat, elevated blood sugar levels, hypertension, elevated cholesterol in their blood and the other signs of poor metabolism.

What is chromium?

Chromium is a mineral and a trace element, which means that it is present in our diet in trace (microscopic) amounts. We get chromium from food sources like meat, whole grains, brown rice, brewer’s yeast, cheese, vegetables, and bread. There is no actual RDA level for chromium. Experts believe we humans need somewhere in the range of 50-200 micrograms of the nutrient daily but that is not very specific.
Organic chromium – especially chromium yeast where chromium is grown in a culture of brewer’s yeast and converted into its active form – has good bio-availability. Studies suggest that organic chromium yeast has up to 10 times better bio-availability than synthetic chromium forms such as chromium picolinate and chromium chloride.
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