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I stopped losing hair and my nails are stronger

I stopped losing hair and my nails are stronger“Before, I was losing hair but it stopped when I started taking selenium. Even my nails seem to be a lot stronger now,” says Maria Remenyi, a 70-year old lady who is amazed with the effect of the selenium tablets with zinc that she is taking.

Vanity makes a person do a lot of different things. Maria Remenyi, a vital 70-year old woman in incredibly good shape is the first to admit that. She is also eager to tell about her experience with selenium and zinc, two nutrients that are quite popular, especially among women. “I had read somewhere that selenium is beneficial for the quality of your hair and nails so I decided to give it a chance. Before, I was losing hair but that stopped once I started on the selenium tablets,” Maria Remenyi tells.

“What’s more,” she says, “my hair suddenly looked a lot healthier and my fingernails even got stronger. It was a really nice feeling. They used to break all the time before, but now they don’t.”

Busy life

Maria Remenyi, who is currently president of the Budapest Pensionist Club’s Association and is involved in encouraging elderly people to stay physically active and to take good care of their health, rather than sit around and drink beer and watch TV all day long. She is extremely busy and leads a very active life.
“Besides supporting strong nails and hair, the selenium and zinc tablets has boosted my immune system and keep me in good shape,” tells Maria Remenyi.

Science-based supplements

There are dozens of different selenium supplements on the shop shelves, and you can easily find a cheap product that seems like a good bargain. The question is: how good is the bargain once you look at the quality? With selenium, it is important that you choose the right kind, as some selenium products are hardly absorbed at all.

Organic or inorganic?

The inorganic selenium supplements are usually very inexpensive, but when you consider the fact that inorganic selenium is not very bio-available, you are better off opting for an organic supplement that has much higher absorption. The Danish company Pharma Nord has a special patented selenium yeast called SelenoPrecise, which contains over 30 different organic selenium species. It is able to document that 88.7% of its selenium content is absorbed.