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My pain disappeared and my energy returned

My pain disappeared and my energy returnedAfter the first box of selenium tablets, the pain in Mrs. Kovacs’ legs had vanished. “As I am unable to take anti-inflammatory drugs, it was a true blessing to get help from a supplement ,” says the 60-year old pharmacist who even managed to restore her lost energy with another supplement called coenzyme Q10.

How often do you hear about a person with unbearable leg pain and absolutely no energy, who suddenly feels terrific with no aches and completely fit for fight? That is exactly what happened in Mrs. Maria Kovacs’ case. “Last year, I started feeling pain in one leg. Then I felt it in the other leg. It was arthritis. Due to some cardiovascular health problems I have, I am not able to take anti-inflammatory drugs so I tried a selenium supplement with zinc. My pain vanished before I had finished the first box of tablets,” Mrs. Kovac tells.

A huge help

Mrs. Kovacs is a pharmacist and knows about selenium and why this nutrient plays a role in human health. “I think that getting too little selenium may contribute to arthritis,” Mrs. Kovacs explains and with the results she has obtained by using the supplement, it makes sense. “Taking these selenium tablets with zinc has enabled me to make my pain vanish completely. I am not saying that it has completely cured the arthritis but it is a huge help, especially for someone like me who is unable to take all sorts of medication.”

Popular remedy

The selenium supplement with zinc which Mrs. Kovacs takes is a popular remedy among people with joint pain. Researchers have found that selenium supports the body’s natural defence mechanism against inflammation and helps to reduce the swelling and pain. It is common knowledge among farmers that animals depend on selenium for good joint health and fertility, among other things, and more and more doctors are finding out about the importance of this nutrient in human health, as well.

Restored energy

Another nutrient that is vital to health is coenzyme Q10, which is a vitamin-like compound that cells need in order to make energy. Mrs. Kovacs also knew about Q10 from her job as a pharmacist. “One of my favorite hobbies is to hike in the hills and I was distressed because I felt too weak to do this. So I decided to try taking Q10 to regain my energy,” Mrs. Kovacs explains.

Climbs the stairs just like that

Again, just like with the selenium tablets, the effect was evident within about a month. “I could really feel the difference,” she tells. “I had not even finished the first box of capsules when my energy soared. All of a sudden, I could climb the stairs to my apartment on the third floor without having to stop and pause on every floor, like I used to,” says Mrs. Kovacs. “I am convinced that I will experience the same improvement in the hills,” she says with hope in her voice.

Selenium and Q10 - a powerful combination

Combining selenium with coenzyme Q10 has an extremely beneficial effect on the elderly. This was clearly seen in a Swedish study published last year where 443 men and women were either given daily supplements of selenium and Q10 or identical dummy pills (placebo). After a five-year trial period, it turned out that those who had been given the active treatment had a 54% lower rate of cardiovascular deaths compared with those on placebo. Also, their heart function improved significantly. This was determined by means of ultrasound technology and blood tests.