Vitamin D can successfully be measured in hair and deliver a more accurate time image

Vitamin D can successfully be measured in hair and deliver a more accurate time imageAll cells in the body depend on vitamin D. Unfortunately, many people lack the nutrient, and the list of diseases caused by too little vitamin D is growing. A new study from Trinity College in Dublin shows that it is possible to measure vitamin D levels in hair, and this can reveal the large fluctuations that occur in the course of a year, and which an ordinary blood test fails to show. The scientists can see a huge potential with this new type of measurement, which can even be used on historical populations such as the ancient Egyptians or on prehistoric animals such as the mammoths.

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Lack of vitamin D damages the structure and health of your brain

Lack of vitamin D damages the structure and health of your brainScientists from Queensland in Australia have discovered that vitamin D is of vital importance to the structure and health of the brain. Also, deficiencies of the nutrient may lead to dysfunctions and loss of cognitive skills plus depression and schizophrenia. More than one billion people worldwide are believed to lack vitamin D. This may have widespread consequences for their health and may even be linked to the huge increase in mental illnesses.

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Remember magnesium for a healthy digestion

- and for the utilization of other nutrients

Remember magnesium for a healthy digestionA healthy and regular digestion requires magnesium, a nutrient with several different mechanisms of action. Irritable bowel syndrome and constipation, both of which impair quality of life, are linked different conditions such as headache, bad mood, eczema, and aching joints. It is therefore essential to address such digestive disorders. In this article, we will take a closer look at magnesium and its role in a healthy digestive system as well as why magnesium deficiencies are so common.

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B vitamins help patients that are about to develop psychotic disorders

 B vitamins help patients that are about to develop psychotic disordersAn increased intake of B vitamins can help improve concentration and other cognitive skills in young patients that are about to develop schizophrenia and other psychoses, according to a study conducted by scientists from Orygen, the National Centre of Excellence in Youth Mental Health, Australia. Here, it is important to consider all the different factors that may lead to a deficiency of the essential B vitamins, including unhealthy diets, too much sugar, energy beverages, alcohol, and other stimulants. It appears that the unhealthy lifestyle that many youngsters have increases their risk of psychoses. It is therefore not enough to treat them with anti-psychotic drugs and psychological therapy, if the brain and the nervous system lack essential nutrients.

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Compounds in fish oil can prevent miscarriage and preterm delivery

Compounds in fish oil can prevent miscarriage and preterm deliveryAccording to a study from Columbia University’s College of Dental Medicine and Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons, there are certain compounds in fish oil that can prevent pregnancy complications that follow in the wake of a regular bacterial infection. These complications include miscarriage, preterm delivery, and infant death. There are an estimated 15 million premature deliveries per year on a global scale, and each year around one million babies die as a result of this. Preterm infants also have an increased risk of vision impairment, retarded physical development, and learning disabilities. The researchers therefore suggest new strategies for recommending nutritional supplements and fish oil supplements during pregnancy.

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Vitamin C for the brain and the cognitive skills

Vitamin C for the brain and the cognitive skillsMost people think of vitamin C in connection with the immune defense, but as it turns out, the largest concentration of vitamin C is actually found in the brain. This is because vitamin C is enormously important for the energy turnover, the nervous system, and the cognitive skills, and this is described in a new review article. There is also evidence of widespread vitamin C deficiency, which may eventually impair cognitive skills and increase the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. If a pregnant woman lacks vitamin C, it can disrupt the development of the baby’s brain. There is a number of factors that increase our need for the nutrient, so the big question is how much do we need to secure optimal brain function throughout life?

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Alcohol leaches vitamin C from the body

Alcohol leaches vitamin C from the bodyAlcohol has a greater negative impact on public health than most other things. It is commonly known that alcohol abuse burdens the liver and depletes the body of B vitamins. Now, scientists have also demonstrated that overconsumption of alcohol leaches vitamin C from the body, and they call for further studies to show that vitamin C supplements may help improve the health of alcoholics. It is also possible that vitamin C supplementation can limit the damage of short-term excessive drinking. Their new review article is published in BMJ Nutrition, Prevention & Health.

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Can zinc plus chocolate, coffee, or tea make you healthier and slow down ageing?

Can zinc plus chocolate, coffee, or tea make you healthier and slow down ageing?This almost sounds too good to be true, but scientists from Germany and the United States have discovered that zinc combined with a compound found in cocoa beans, coffee beans, tea leaves, and grapes is able to activate a particular molecule that protects against oxidative stress. In ageing, oxidative stress holds a key role. It is caused by an imbalance between harmful free radicals and protective antioxidants. Although anti-ageing is normally conceived as something that can delay the exterior signs of ageing, it is really more important to slow down internal ageing such as atherosclerosis, fatigue, dementia, and early death in worst case. Many people lack zinc, and deficiencies of this nutrient are widespread and typically observed among vegetarians, vegans, older people, and pregnant and breastfeeding women. What the scientists are telling us now is that it is good for us to enjoy a little dark chocolate, coffee or tea in order to benefit even more from the zinc we get.

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Chromium supplements for patients with type 2 diabetes

- and pre-diabetes and overweight caused by unstable blood sugar

Chromium supplements for patients with type 2 diabetesType 2 diabetes is a global health problem, which is associated with cardiovascular disease, eye disorders, kidney disease, and amputations. Many people unwittingly have an early stage of diabetes called metabolic syndrome. This condition is characterized by insulin resistance, where the cellular uptake of glucose is impaired. This causes insatiety, and you risk eating too many sweets and other quick carbohydrates, which the body is unable to burn and therefore stores ad fat, instead. Many people who struggle with their weight also have insulin resistance and unstable blood sugar that affect their strength of will in terms of food choices and increase their risk of type 2 diabetes. A new meta-analysis has shown that chromium supplements may be useful as add-on therapy for type 2 diabetics. Chromium yeast has the best bioavailability, and specific dietary changes can positively influence your blood sugar levels, waist circumference, and weight.

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